‘Risky’ Biden says he’s still the man to beat as Democrats head to New Hampshire

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Iowa was a mess. Now it’s up to voters in New Hampshire to give someone a clean win.

The polls suggest it will not be former presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Once seen as the safe option for beating Trump – he’s now viewed as risky.

Joe Biden
Mr Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president

But in a church hall in Manchester, New Hampshire, the faithful, largely older Biden believers have come to pledge their support.

He’s also still relevant enough for some attention from a lone heckler – who in the absence of security was quickly dealt with by his wife, Jill.

Mr Biden is still smarting after a poor showing in Iowa. You’d think now is the time for some self reflection.

Iowa delegates decided by coin toss

Iowa caucus delegates decided by coin toss

I ask him what he needs to do differently to stay in the race.

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“I don’t have to do anything differently,” he barks. “It’s just getting started – you’ll notice I’m still leading in all the national polls – get real!”

That new found aggression is being targeted specifically towards former South Bend, Indiana mayor, Pete Buttigieg.

Actor Kevin Costner introduced Pete Buttigieg
Actor Kevin Costner introduced Pete Buttigieg

The fresh, young, breakout star is leading the pack out of Iowa. Voters – including Hollywood legend Kevin Costner who flew in to introduce the former mayor – like what they’re seeing.

But to stay in the race Mr Buttigieg needs more support from black voters. How is he going to keep his momentum going in more diverse states?

Joe Biden gets into spat with voter during question and answer session

December: Biden in tense exchange with voter

“We think we’ll have a lot of propulsion coming out of a good result here in New Hampshire – demonstrating that we have the kind of organisation that can challenge and defeat Donald Trump,” he says.

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“Then we’ve got to take that message out to places like South Carolina and Nevada where voters of colour are often laser focused on making sure we defeat this president because they more than anyone have been feeling the pain of living under the Trump presidency.”

Overall, Democrats are still very anxious about who they are going to pick.

Their hearts might be drawn to a particular candidate’s style and policies but at the end of the day there’s really only one thing they want – and that’s to beat Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders appeared alongside US Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
Bernie Sanders appeared alongside US Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

But they know that his support is a powerhouse. His base’s unwavering loyalty is probably most closely rivalled by the Bernie Sanders brigade.

The polls have the Democratic socialist winning New Hampshire – but even then it won’t be game over in what is so far a perplexing race.

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